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ROI MINT is secretly planning "The Royal Mint Job" which isn't "The Italian Job" but requires the forming of a crack team that will make The A Team look like amatuers, but don't tell New Scotland Yard, the Met Police, or Welsh Police/Heddlu in Mid Glamorgan, keep it quiet. Now ROI MINT is going to need lot's of things in order to pull off his daring robbery so if you have anything you think will help pop on over to TVWorlds and let us know here. Unlike "The Italian Job" that used the football game ROI MINT plans to use other things to pull off the robbery and this includes the filming of the movie which will act as a cover. Can your products help?

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ROI MINT is secretly planning "The Royal Mint Job" Can your products help ROI MINT pull it off?

Crack team, products and services required

ROI MINT as main mastermind for The Royal Mint Job needs to be very careful how these products and services are sourced. If you have products or services you think would be suitable you will need to commission Double T Ted's SEO Power Plays cartoon strips with which to showcase your products or services for appraisal. These cartoon strips will then be displayed on ROI MINT in the Cartoon Strip Gallery here.

These cartoon strips will then get passed around and the pros and cons of each offer of product or service and how it can help with The Royal Mint Job will be discussed. This cartoon strip cover story will save the team from trouble from the authorities so it is important you be sure to keep this informaton secret.

The Royal Mint Job Team

The Royal Mint Job is going to take a team of top experts to pull off properly. The Royal Mint has some pretty robust security in place so experts in many fields will be needed. Experts across a wide variety of sectors will be required. As you may have noticed the Germans with VW reverse engineered The Italian Job on behalf of the Italians & Fiat, so no Mini Coopers will likely get used and getaway drivers and car toonists will be required for the CARYOONS getaway cars.

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Additional cover stories for your products and services

In order to make sure your products don't get too closely associated with The Royal Mint Job you can commission further Double T Ted's® SEO Power Plays cartoon strips for use across the many WACICO websites where ROI MINT works undercover as the top SEO expert.

Not only will this ensure the authortities won't point the finger your way it will get your products and services out there to a wider audience. You can also start your own Cartoon Book to.

Once you hve commissioned your first couple of SEO Power Plays cartoon strips for your services and products your Cartoon Book will have it's own cartoon gallery and this can then use the WidgetTed cartoon strip display plugin for WordPress that can advertise up to 18 different products and/or services at the head of every page and every page turned.

Additionally you can avail of the following services

  1. Web Hosting
  2. Artists Portfolio Listings
  3. UK Directory & Lincolnshire Directory
  4. Optimised Online Business Cards
  5. Sponsored Illustrated Books
  6. The Cartoon Book

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ROI MINT SEO Services ROI MINT planning The Royal Mint Job to fund Norton Disney & Lincoln Jerusalem